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Spiritual Experience

One day, i am walking home from a friend party, along a road at night going to 11pm. When i walk across a home, i heard someone crying. I walk in the home and found no one in the home so i go in the home and veiw into. I saw many pictures of dead body at the wall. I walk out of the home and walk back home feeling scared. When i was about to walk home, i still heard someone call my friend’s name. I think it was my classmate but no one on the road. I feel very scared. I walk faster and faster. When i reached home, i feel uncomfortable. When i went to bed, i heard noises of name.

Next day, i tell my parent and i parent bring me to a temple. A monk walk toward me and say some word that i don’t know and the monk say “When do you feel this scary things??” i say “Yesterday when i walk home, i heard a girl crying in a home and i walk in the home no one in there and i saw many dead pictures than i feel scared.” When it is over, the monk say “When you went home, don’t sit on a hard things or you will be die.” When i went home, i feel sleepy and go to bed. When i sleep, i dream of ghost. Next day, i felt stronger and felt happier than before.

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