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Pulau Ubin Hantu

We were at Pulau Ubin for camping for 2 nights. On the last night, we saw what we didn’t want to, especially me. It was already 11pm and there were no lights. The seniors wanted us to talk a ten minute walk through the grassy forest (there were candles along the way) by ourselves. Not long after, it was my turn. The smell of the forest was disgusting. Damp leaves and rotten twigs. Suddenly, the temperature around me dropped, i shivered but i didn’t care, i thought it was the wind but i knew i could sense something evil. A white figure blasted across my pathway, her long hair was covering her face. Her body was transparent. I thought it was one of the seniors(they want to scare us juniors) so i went to take a look.

I went ahead and waited for it to appear. Seconds later, it really came towards me. But to my horror, she had no face, her sockets were empty and she grinned toothlessly, evil grin. She began to reach out to me with here decayed hand. I felt the stench, soon after, i blacked out. When i woke up, i saw a bruise on my neck. Maybe she was the one who did it, but what did she do?

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