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Voices Of Spirits

This is very first encounter that I ever experienced in my life. It was Monday and my school bell had just gone and that’s means everybody could go back home. Unfortunately, all the malay pupils were having their remedial, so I went to my malay classroom. It was one hour later when the remedial lesson ended. I hurriedly went home as I was having a religious class at 3 p.m. When I reached the ground floor of the school, I forgotten to take something under my desk in my classroom, so I went back upstairs. When I was about to open my classroom door, I heard a man’s voice but all the windows are shut. I could also hear someone’s else voice.

I thought it was my chinese teacher practising oral with his pupils using an ‘OHP’. I waited outside the classroom. Soon, I looked at my watch and was surprised that I was late for my religious class. Without wasting anymore time, I went into the classroom and I got very shocked to see no one was in the classroom. I quickly took my things and ran away but suddenly I could hear someone speaking to me. I got so terrified that I ignored it and go away from that place.

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