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Headless Ghost

This incident happened in a music class which was held at the AVA room. The teacher said that that some secondary 2 students saw a headless ghost at the exit door behind. Firstly, a friend told the teacher that he saw the ghost but the teacher thought that he was joking until two girls cried and was pointing at the backdoor. The teacher asked what happened. Then the two girls explain that they saw a headless ghost. Now at our period, the teacher told us about the accounter. Then my classmates, about 5 girls felt tappings on their shoulder.

Then, one of them changes her sitting place when the rest of them was scared and followed the girl. When the teacher was telling us about the story back, i notice the two girls was crying because they said that they saw the ghost went pass the teacher and to the piano. The teacher felt rubbing on her shoulders. We felt scared and rush out. Then at recess time, we ask our seniors about the inccidents. They said that last year(2007), a student met with an accident and cut off her head. So don’t be afraid of ghost that you can’t see only but if you feel anything funny and strange, just pray and ask the god for protection.

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