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Big Black Figure

Back in my childhood years ago, I always go to my grandparents home in Farrer Park near old Kandang Kerbau Hospital. I like going there because I like to play with my young uncles and aunties. The house have two levels, the 2nd level occupied by families and relatives and the 1st level is occupied by local Indians families. There are 4 toilets joined and we have to queue to bathe. The surroundings of the area is quite quiet and creepy sometime. By night, the sound of rats squeking, owl hooting and the birds cheeping sometime make the hairs standing.

One night, when all of us soundly asleep, I suddenly wake up and felt thirsty, so I tried to wake up one of my aunties but she’s to lazy so I proceed to the kitchen where it was situated down the corner about three other rooms(we have to share kitchen with other relative), so I walk down the alley and pass a balcony where I stunned to see a big black figure with red eyes looking straight up at me…!!!! I screamed as loud as I could and shaking all over and blank out… The next thing I knew I was at the bed. And till now nobody will tell me what happens after that…maybe they do not want me to recall the scary story again….

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