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Haunted Simei

Hi everyone! I hope you believe that the story i’m telling is true. It happened a few years back, where my friend, L… came to overnight at my place. On that night, at about 9.30pm we decided to sit at the void-deck behind our block coz we were bored at home. After about three hours of chatting, we decided to go back home. As we were walking back home, we started feeling something was not right. We felt that the place that we were walking was different. We saw fogs everywhere and the blocks looks as though it was evacuated for so long. We tried to run back home but could not reached to our place. L… was crying saying in “malay” (aku dah takut ni tak leh tahan lagi), and we started to chant some prayers as we were runing.

Suddenly we heard some footstep. We stop for a while to hear it clearly as we dont’t dare to look behind. I could’nt stand it so i turn my head to the back and i saw the PONTIANAK(Ghost) standing above a lorry laughing very loudly and theres no one except us. And i ran chanting loudly to my blk. We ran up the stairs and my mom was waiting for us to came back. My mom was so worried that something might happen to us and it was about 2.00pm exactly. Thank God that nothing happened to us. So the next morning i told the stories to my parents and they told me that these things exsist in our world but we trapped in the spiritual world.

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