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Maria’s Barbie

Maria is my sister and Zubaidah is my cousin. In the afternoon, Zubaidah & our aunties came. Soon it was at night, and our aunties has went home. Zubaidah is sleeping in my house. Because tomorrow mornin’ we’re going to religious class. At nite we sleep in the double-decker bed. Maria sleep up and Zubaidah and I sleep down. We sleep around eleven sometin’ at nite. I couldn’t really sleep that time b’cos we kept chattering. Later, Maria has fallen asleep. I saw Zubaidah was pulling a black hair, in the right hand side besides the wall. She asked me to look up the bed where Maria sleep, whether is her hair or not. So i looked up and saw Maria sleeping left hand side. So it wasn’t her hair. I told Zubaidah it must be her Barbie doll’s hair. So we ignored it and sleep.

Later I woke up (still at nite) and saw the hair was up there hanging. I was so sleepy and soon, I fall asleep and forgoten about that hair. Then it was at mornin’ Zubaidah went up Maria’s bed to see whether it was Maria’s barbie or not. It was, but this time it was yellow colour. What we saw yesterday nite was black colour. Strange! Could it be the barbie change its colour? Or.. it must be the ghost hair? Well actually, Maria should turn over her barbie’s face in the bed, if she wants to sleep with it. Any dolls or soft toys with eyes should turn their face over when someone wanna sleep with it. If not.. the evils will get inside them and disturbed you. This is true! If you do not believe, try it yourself…

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