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Bloody Nightmare

Nobody believes me, but till today the scar is still on me. On my way to a shop, I saw a dog the size of a small horse growling at me. I was no big fan of dogs. It suddenly chased me and the ceiling light at the void deck came crashing down. I kept on running and it was still chasing me, it jump on me and bite my leg and I was in a bloody mess when I passed out. Next thing I knew I was in my living room couch. In front of me was my neighbour. It seem to him that I was running from the falling light casing when I fell down and passed out. I told them about the dog but no one believed me.

That same night before going to bed, I felt a cramp in my leg. I pulled up my pants and just below my knee I saw a scar of a dog bite. It was very large but there was no bleeding and I felt no pain just occasional cramps. I showed my parents but they said it was nothing at asked me to go to sleep. If you don’t believe me I have a very large scar to prove it happened.

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