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East View Secondary

I’m an ex student of East View Secondary School. Sumthing eerie happened to me when I was in Sec 5, during my NCC camp. It happened at 1am in the morning. Everyone of my friends were already asleep except fer me and two other of my friends. We had nuthing betta to do, so one of my friends suggested, “Why don’t we take a look at the fourth floor? I heard it’s haunted.” Without anything to be scared of, we headed fer the forth floor.

At first, everything seemed fine until we heard a loud breaking of glass. Being curious, we decided to follow where the sound came from. It definitely came from one of the science labs. But which one? Everyone of the science lab is locked. Everything was getting too creepy. My hairs started to stand. We then decided to go down and sleep. Suddenly, chill ran down my spine when we noticed a skeleton’s head peeping out of the science lab. We ran down as quickly as we can, not brave enuff to turn our heads back. From then on, we never decided to explore the forth floor.

*East View Students Beware! The forth floor IS haunted!*

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