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White Figure

To all boys and gals, i’m a scout instructor at serimbun scout camp. It happen last month. There was an actives call nite solo walk. Before the camper go for the walk, all the instructor have to check the place first. I was despacted at the second left-turn corner. I was taking my positon there suddenly, i felt like someone watching me. Slowly i turn my head and saw a white lady looking at me. Thank god i never fainted. Quickly i turn around and look for my friend, Wan. He ask me what happen, then i told him what i saw. I think, i known why that things look at me, coz while i was taking my position, i was reading some quran verse that why it come out and see. Earlier, my senior instructor told us that place confirmed have that things, if we saw just ‘buat bodoh’ only.

So be careful when u are going for the nite solo walk. Maybe it’s may beside u.

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