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Well this happened at old place at marsiling. Me and my auntie who was staying with us, was about to go to sleep at bout 12.30 at nite after watching tv. We were talking for awhile as i was close to her in our room. Our room was along the corridor and my dad’s bicycle was under my window.

Around dat time, we heard someone hitting the bicycle metal. As if someone was making a song. At first, we thougt it was our neighbour kids playing but then i look at my watch it was 12.40 and we could not hear any kids voices. Me n my aunt began to feel uneasy. We began to push each other to close the window as it was a sliding window. So played scissors paper stone once. The person who lose had to close the window. GUESS WHO LOST!!!! It was me. I was nervous when i wanted to close the window. My neighbour juz return from werk. I was relieved. I ask her was there any kids or anybody juz now. She said NO. I quickly close the window n went to sleep. Till now, i still am wondering who was hitting the bicycle dat nite…. My frends say marsiling has a lot of unearthly thing especially the jetty so beware……

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