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Old Temasek School

Me and my friends have seen many ghosts there. In especially D&T block because the students will only go there when they will be having art, computer lessons and of course D&T. And there is only two toilets in the first floor, right at the end of the block where it is far away from other blocks. People believe that there is a grave behind the girls’ toilet. Two malay men who are always cleaning the toilet told us that whenever it gets very dirty, they will be teased by the spirits like, the spirits will slap the back of the cleaner.

In the classroom block, well especially on the last two storey, the spirits will hang out there. If anyone behaves badly, there will be teased by the spirits.

In the Science block, there is an A.V.A theatherette that is now being used as music room is believed that the piano was playing by itself. Well, this is told by a student who is now studying there.

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