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Stories From Uncle

My Mum’s Sister’s Husband can see “dirty” things. Its nothing scary, but that is what he told me. My uncle is from Malaysia and he works in Caltex. A superior of him just died but he did not know. As he report to work in the morning, he saw a man working on something. He say Hi to him and also continue his work. After a while he did not see him. When others come in late morning, he ask them where is the man. They all say that he saw a ghost of the superior who just died, and he kept appearing, so they came late for work.

As working in Caltex, my uncle often travels all over Malaysia. He was driving his car on a expressway when he saw a girl waving at him. He saw that everytime, as what he told me, and he learnt to ignore her. Next is about my cousin who lives in Geylang East. Once when she was doing homework in the dining room, she saw a girl in white looking at her. She was very scare and now, she don’t do homework facing the window…

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