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Ghost At Camp

This story is told by my one of my friends from the NCC. The story begins when the NCC is having camping in the school.

When they went for their nightwalk, one of their seniors told my friend a ghost story at the D&T block. He said that just after the building is built, the building collapsed. After trying many times, they went to seek advice from the taoist. The taoist asked the construction workers to bring him to the building. When they reached there, the taoist saw throught his third eye & said that they needed a baby’s head in order to complete the project. The principal refused & instead of using the baby’s head, they used a chicken’s head.

After trying out, the building collapsed again. They finally believed in what the taoist had said. They then used a baby’s head. Now you can still see the blood stains on the corridor and the staircase.

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