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Pocong At Nearby KL Train

This happened in 1998. It was midnight at the Kuala Lumpur Station heading to Singapore. My grandma was telling me that the route where our train is heading have a lot of pocong!! And it was about 2.15 am. AND IT WAS THE TIME WHEN THE POCONGS COMEs OUT.

The train came about 3 minutes later. Then we rode into the TRAIN. After arranging my backpack, i look at the window wondering whether was it true that there was really a lot of pocong. And suddenly……. A Pocong!!!! hopping near the causeway!! There was a lot of cars indeed. I wonder whether the drivers saw the pocong. I called my grandma. Then she said that she saw it too. Then i sat down telling all my cousins and aunties and uncles and my parents about it. Only 7 of them belived me. Believe Me! If you don’t believed me, never mind. And I am going to Kuala Lumpur again at the 2nd of November again as it was my 3rd time. Taking The Economic train again. Heading The Same Route…. And today is the month of October, 2001. And never mind if you don’t believe me….

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