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A Horror In Mount Ophir!

We was on our NCC trip to Mount Ophir. We took a bus straight to Malaysia to reach there. When we reach at Mount Ophir in time, we have to climb up to our base camp. We had our Malaysian Ranger in-charge.

Soon we reach to our base camp and stay there for 3 days 2 nights. We had our lunch in the base camp. Me and my other group made a fire so we won’t freeze to death. At 10.00pm night, we all sang a song to enjoy ourselves. About 30minutes later my friends Firdaus, Azman, Tamizi, Jalaludin, Rafi and I go to sleep and we let the others do their own things. So we slept about an hour, Rafi woke up and saw a pontianak flying. So i saw him go inside the tent and wonder whats wrong with him. So i don’t give a damn and go to sleep. 30 minutes later, jalaludin, firdaus and I went to urine at the river. Then we saw something at the bushes and saw a strange looking person inside the bushes. We saw red-bloody eyes, long hair, sharp and dirty finger nails. We quickly run up and go to sleep…


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