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The Ghostly Experience At Chinese Garden

On 31 september 2006, Vi Vian and I go to Chinese Garden. We started our journey ay 5.00 pm. We told our families that we will go and explore our own. We bring along two friends with us, Cherly and Shu Fen. We decided that we will go and see the pogoda.

We pass through the long dragon, we go under the yellow one. There is two bridges, a rocky one and the wood one. We go to the wood one. That time only I and Vi Vian only. We walk one round and we saw the pogoda, we walk towards it. But we can’t find it. Then this time, we walk outside the red dragon. One of the crowds ask us to help them to take photograph. We agree it. That is the time we find the pogoda, but its already 7.00 pm, they want us and two friends to go and explore others things and go to pogoda together later. We saw one place where there is hardly any people. It is very strange. We decided to go in. At first I heard a scream but Vi Vian never heard. Then Vi Vian got heard but I never heard.

Then i saw a white colour thing fly above our heads. We quickly run out of the place. Shu Fen said that maybe an imaginary line was there so that we enter the nether world. We never go to chinese garden again.

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