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Camp In Sentosa

We went to sentosa for our 3days 2nite camp. On the second nite, we were suppose to go in a forest which is call the (nature walk) at midnite 12 O’clock. This walk was suppose to build our confidence at nite n we have to walk around 1.2km in the narrow pathway of the nature walk. The boy were suppose to walk alone and the gals in pairs.

When it was my turn, i walked as fast as i could b’cause i was scared of the dark. While walking, i saw two girls in front of me. They were too scared to walk so i just encouraged them to walk faster. Then not long, my two of my friends catched up with us, so together there are 5 of us.

In the nature walk, our instructor was suppose to scare us during the trail. Just when the trail was about to finish, my friends and i turned to our back as we saw someone dressed in black n i mean fully black! When we n our instructor gather together, i saw that no one wore black shirt or pants. When we went back to our camp, my friend n i discuss about it. All of us r sure that wat we saw is a ghost.

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