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The Curse Set By The Spirits

Well .. my story is about pen spirits .. some people thinks that there is nothing scary about this games and thinks that they can know bout the future and stuff like that .. well actually they are wrong … do your know that everytime your play a game with them .. u actually losing 5 – 10 mins of your life? I not kidding … i admit that i did play before … and the experience was horrible .. Well here’s my story …

When i was primary 3 .. it was very comment in my primary school to play this spirit games … People will offen played it in the tuckshop, behide my school bookshop and the toilets.

My sister started playing with them in school .. and so far nothing happens to her … until 1 day she decided to try it at home. As my parents were not home .. my sister started playing with me this game.. It was fun .. as the pen actually moves by itself. We ask questions we want to know … When we wanted it to go home .. it refuses … guess it haven’t played enough with us.. I got scared and worried as my parrents were coming home..and I just let go of the pen … but then nothing happens to us.. we sigh a sign of relief…

Days pass … i got my revenge from the spirit i guess… I went cycling with my sister and rode a purple coloured mountian bike.. We were happily cycling down the slope until i felt someone pushing me from the back .. I rolled down the slope with my bike and broke my 2 front teeth…

From that day on .. whoever ride that bike was very unlucky .. My friends rode that bike and then they felled … My sister felled into the drain while riding the bike ….

Guess this is the price to pay when u don’t respect them and play by their rules during that game ..I hope that your don’t play with them for fun … and not forgetting the rules..

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