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Those who have been to cs chalet might have encounterd with these “things”(spirits). Well if you haven’t, i have…….

I and my friend was happily swimming, soon it was dark and we had to get out of the pool. I went up to the room to dry myself up after a bath. As i was drying, the lights started to flicker. Nothing wrong right? It could be that the lights are old and therefore strart to flicker. But the strange thig is that. Whenever i am alone then it will start to flicker….

At first i thought that it was nothing. But it happen the second time when i was alone inthe bedroom again. This time, it flickered non-stop. I was freak out and i opened the door and shouted for my father. At that time, the lights immediately stop flickering. I was terrified but becoz my mother will kill me if i talk about ghost, i kept it to myself. But that “thing” wants to freak more than one person, me…

Being too scared to go up again, i got my friend to accompany me upstair. Nothing freak happen until we settled ourselves on the bed. It started flickering so vigorously that we screamed our hearts out. I ran to the door and tried to open it but it just would not budge and at the fourth thug, it open. I ran down nearly tripping over nothing. After that the lights was changed and it was time for us to check out.

If you think it is just a story to scare you, well then if lights ever flicker like how i described and the doors are playing thug of war with you…. BEWARE coz it juz might be what i m talking about.

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