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Kent Ridge Park Encounter

This is a story when i and my friend went to Kent Ridge Park to explore. We cycle there from jurong east until kent ridge park. It was a our puasa day but we did not puasa. We cycle until the top and we went up the stairs. I went to the nearest toilet to pee.

When i went in i saw a figure of a man wearing a japanese war shirt. I quickly shout and went out of the toilet. My friend ask me why i shouted. I say i saw a ghost. Then, he dared me to go the haunted house down the hill. I went there with my friends when we got there i went near the house go to in but before i could open the door i saw the same figure at the toilet but face is nowhere to be seen. I quickly took my bike and cycle of with my friend. When i was cycling, i fell down the hill and hit the pavement. My pants tore. My bike tire burst. Then i asked one of my friend to ‘tumpang’ me home. When i reach home i was sick.

Warning : i want to warn you explorer out there that if you want to explore kent ridge park be careful and if you want to know where the house is you see a tank at kent ridge park u walk or cycle straight in front until you reach a downhill and go down there.

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