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Never Mess With Spirits

Believe it a not….. it happens almost 20 years ago….. My mun was staying in a 3 room-flat near balestier with her sister of brother which up to 7 together. They have to sleep shoulder to shoulder cause the place is too small. My uncle which is also my Mum younger brother, at that time my uncle came home at about 3am every night, which really annoyed my mum. He always turn on the tv and radio once he is back home, really wake everyone up. But everone just kept quiet.

One fine night, My Mum can’t stand it anymore. My Mum scolded my uncle and they exchange some hush words. My mum scold something she shouldn’t have, she said in Hokiean are u a midnite ghost or wat really makes ppl hate. She then went to sleep.

She suddenely woke up. A female voice asking to go out and meet her. My mum told the voice is very errie, and the name she called was Choo which no one in the family will called her. She tried to woke my aunt up.They just keep on sleeping despite my mum trying hard to shake them up but still failed. The voice seems to be coming nearer and nearer. My mum quickly cover her blanket and tried to sleep.

She suddenly woke up from the nightmare…But she believe that it her spirit when out of her body cause she is sure that everything it so real.

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