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Hantu Baik

There were 5 of us cycling at night. I was cycling with my friends at Toh Guan Park. One of my friend Albarakah disturbed a white and a black dog while they were eating. They were like a k-9 dog. The dog chased me and my friend. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a malay uncle appeared infront of us.

We cycled until my the other friend loqman fell off his bike. Fairuz Khair albarakah and me cycled off as fast as we could because we were scared. Loqman told me that the dogs surrounded him. And suddenly out of nowhere, a datuk came and help him. The datuk ask loqman to go to the Senior Citizen to wash his leg. It is bleeding badly while he will distract the dog.

Loqman go wash his leg. 5 minutes later we saw loqman at the senior citizen. He said we all “kedi tak tahu tolong kawan sendiri”(Gay don’t know how to help friend) Then he told us to follow him.

We followed him to where the dog surrounded him and the malay uncle help. When we reached there, the malay uncle were nowhere to be found. All we saw was just a dog lying in pain. Loqman than said “Agaknye orang tolong kite it hantu baik” (I guess the person who help us is a good ghost)

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