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KFC Mystery Incident

After school, my 4 friends and I went to KFC as usual for our lunch. We put down our bags and went to the toilet to wash our hand. One of my friends want to play a trick on us and switch off the light and pull the door from outside and we can’t get out.

After a while, my friend had stop pulling the door from outside and he has switch on the light. Suddenly a gruff voice said some word which is samehow like vulgar language.

We felt very chilly and we run out of the toilet. Another friends of mine go into the toilet and look under the cubicle and saw a pair of leg. We waited outside for 15min to wait for the mystery guy to come out.

After 15min, the guy still haven’t come out. We decided to go in. Surprise us! The cubicle door was open and we saw on one in the cubicle and left a crane on the floor. We were so scared and ran out of the toilet.

From that days, we don’t dare to go into the toilet anymore and we don’t heard any thing happen in the toilet until today.

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