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The Haunted Tree

One day, when i and my sister and also my friends went to the punggol park. While I was talking, it was about at 8.30p.m. I saw a tree was shaking even though and i heard someone like playing cathching. And when i turn my head, i saw nothing going on. So in asked my friends that do they hear something going on, but they say they never heard nothing.

And that’s make me so worried that i never even spoke to my friends from thereon. I also never talked to my sister though i still heard and saw the same thing again and again. When we reached our house, my parent’s ask me “Why do my face like clumsy face”. And I tell them the truth.

They were all shock and they asked me to go to bathroom to take a bath and to wash my leg. When i reached the toilet, i see the mirror, i was shocked that i saw the tree and i heard the same voice Too.

When i hear and saw the same thing at the mirror, i started to shout and when my parent’s came then i saw nothing. And at night i saw the same thing at the window.

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