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A Toilet Ghost

It may not seem so scary but 1 year ago, on a pleasent school day my friend wanted to go to the toilet so i folowed him. We were in haig boys school which is going to be demolished very soon as no one is studying there any more. As we were on a hurry, we went to the closest bathroom which is located at the so called haunted block D.

When we got in, my friend told me to not be afraid as i was afraid of ghost. When my friend started to pee, i heard a groaning from a little boy who was having constipation. As i was mischives(not sure how to spell) i opened the door where i heard the noise. What i saw made me tremble cause there was no one there but i still heard the noise. I then opened the next door but still no one. My friend who had stoped peeing soon was standing behind me and he heard the noise too. We both were very frithened and we decided to run. When we got out of the dark bathroom the door slamed shut…..

Toilets are a scary place when they are dark and u are alone…… BUT IF YOU ARE A MUSLIM JUST BELEIVE IN ALLAH.

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