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Uninvited Guest

This is what happen i went to my boyfriend chalet in PASIR RIS..We were playing water bomb…at about midnight. There were about 20 of us playing. We were to break into five per group….Then we went around looking for victims…instead we saw something else.

In my groups there is me, my boyfriend, his friend(rosly), roslan, and sopie…the five of us we running when we suddenly saw a white cloth flying right on top of us so we ignore…..The next day the five of us fall sick…..My boyfriend said that might be one of the pontianak who wants to join us……After we reach the chalet, there is a few of us in the room. A friend of mine threw a light stick to another friend then at the same time somebody threw something from outside n hit the room window but when we go down because the chalet is two storey. A few of them downstair have already sleeping……So we were wondering till this day who is that person who threw it from outside……

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