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Naughty Pocong

This true stories happen to my big sister at my granpa house at Malacca. Anyway the story begins like this………….

My granpa use to live at Melacca beside this weired house where no one use to live there for years. Some neighbours behind the house says that the house were haunted, some said that in the middle of the night, they heard someone jumping.

While my sister were drying the wet clothes outside all alone in the middle of the night about 12p.m, she fell that someone threw some sand onto her, she taught that was me who threw it but i was sleeping then my sister scold to me that she don`t know that it was me, she kept scolding until she heard a fierce voice like a man`s voice. When she turn around, she saw a pocong with a black face like a coal. She quickly read some prayers she know before it harm her, after that the pocong shouted as if it were burning and turned into a black smoke.

So don`t ever live beside an haunted HOUSE and my words are TRUE, remember that for your safety but the ghost could be HARMFUL.

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