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Voice Of Unknown

It happened somewhere in the early 80′s at my parents’ place. It’s about an unknown voice and hands that appeared at the walls of my bedroom.

This is a story of myself which encounter to this unknown. It was a Saturday night which I felt very tired and slept early after work. It’s about 10.00pm with me usually out enjoying with friends but on that day I was early to sleep. While in the deep sleep suddenly I heard the sound of a phone ringing next to me but I didn’t have a phone in my room. I felt that I was awake and wondered why this phone appeared next to me. The phone kept on ringing which irritated me then I picked up to answer the phone. Strangely a sweet voice of a lady answered the phone and invited me for a date. She was unknown to me but since I was very tired that day, I apologised and thanked for the invitation. I cut it short on the phone, carried on my good night’s sleep but the phone rang again. It was the second time that the phone rang with the same voice again and I applied the same excuse to avoid the invitation. When the phone rang for the third time, suddenly the voice sounded differently, like an old lady in a threatening mode.

I shouted for help and from nowhere two hands, from the elbow, appeared at the wall of my room towards me. I shouted as loud as I could but no help was available then I asked myself whether it was for real or just a dream. I pinched myself and I felt the pain in order to verify the question. I jumped out of the bed and went out from my room to my dining area and I was shocked to see that the clock showed that it was only 1205 midnight.

Even until now, I still wonder who was that lady…………………

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