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Unknown Neighbour

My story goes like this, I been living at Ang Mo Kio for past 4 years and there a new family move in the neighbourhood and which is beside my house.

Everynight, after work, I always pass by their house but all of them were not at home. One night, I pass by their house, I smells something near the house and for the first time I saw the family were in the house! I was shock for the moment. As I was passing by to their house, their family stare at me glarely. I quickly walk toward my house.

Around 11.30pm+, I felt strange which I never felt before. Suddenly, I heard bunch of people passing my house. I then look through my window but there no one in there! I ignore those footstep and continue watch tv. Then, I heard someone knockin on my door. Firstly I ignore it, then it getting louder. So I decided to go to my bedroom. The sound it getting louder and louder, without fear, I quickly go open door! As I was walkin toward the door, the sound getting softer and softer.

As I open the door! There no one at there. As I closed the door, out of sudden my window slowly open. As I was going to close the window, I saw the new neighbour family flew by my window! I quickly went out of the house and go toward the strange newly neighbour house. I was shock that I saw all of them were dead! One of the man gets up and flew out of the house! I was terrified and went home!

The next day, all I saw that all the stuff in that house was been taken out by the movers. I do not know whether they all been realive or what ever. But this is the unknown and mystery neighbour I saw before in my entire life!

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