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Red Cross Camp

It’s happened last year, when we were having our red cross camp in our school at JSS. It was late at night. At about 12 midnight, we were all been awakened by our ma’am and sir’s. We have to waked up to find casualty, at this time. We have to go around at all places to find casualty. We searched for the casualty in the toilet, behind the science lab, behind computer lab, behind the school hall and all places that is dark or lighted.

When I and my others friends were busy searching for our casualty, we saw someone at the staircase. Lying down in pain. So, me and my othes friend went towards it. To our surprised, as we get nearer, the “thing” dissappeared. We so shocked and ran away. The next day, I got a high fever. My face were totally pale.

A few minutes later, my parents came to fetched me home. So I have to get back to my bunk all by myself to packed up my belonging. When I finished packing up, I straight away go downstairs to meet my parents.

When I’m in a hurry to get down to the staircase, I heard someone calling my name. I did turn around. I thought it was my friend. Coz the voice were the same as my friend. When I turned around, I saw a lady in white at the front of my bunk. I quickly get downstairs. The lady were waving hands with me. As if to say good bye. I told my teachers and my parents about this. But they don’t believed me. I told my friend who go camping with me about this, they believed me. Coz they saw that

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