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Haunted Cottage

Last summer me and my sister where sent to stay with my nan for a couple of weeks. My oldist brother who used to stay with my nan very often used to tell us how there was a ghost in the house. We took no notice of him becasue he always tries to scare us.

When we arrived at my nans cottage, i dont know wherether it was my imagination, I saw a figure in the window staring at me, I quickly got my sister to look at the figure, when she looked it has gone. At this time i was quiet scared and started to think about what my brother had told me. I asked my nan if there was a ghost in the house she said “”no I have never had ghost “” she said very quivckly and dashed off to the kitchen.

Me and my sister was unpacking, I was in the room and my sister went to the toile. My sister ran into the room crying saying that a little girl with red eyes with blood running down her face. I was very scared, I made her describe the figure to me and it was the same one i saw, in the window earlier. We didnt dare to leave the room. I remembered hearing my heart beating so fast. Me and my sister was just sat there trying to calm down.

When the lights went out, my sister at this point was screaming franticaly and so was I. We ran to the bed as fast as we could and both got under the covers, we didnt dare to move a mucle. We heard some one in a very soft voice saying dont be scared, i only want to play!. Then the lights went on. We was very scared and shaken. We told our nan about this and she said that i was our imagination.

That night, i lead in bed looking around the bed room, waiting for morning to come, My sister was awake too. I closed my eyes then opened then a few moments later and to my shock the little Girl was hanging from the ceiling with blood coming out of her mouth, and running down her face. I screamed soo loud the little girl disappared. I ran into my nans room and demanded to go home staight away. My nan and my mum though it was our imagination, but we knew differently.

I never did return to my nans house, because that story will always stay with me!!!!!!

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