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Jurong Haunted House

My story starts a very long time ago, when i was leaving in my haunted jurong house. it’s near jurong east swimming complex. it always happened at night when we’re watching television, huge rats will start to climb our back sofa. They will chew the fabrics and shit around the floors.

There’s more to hear. My family kinda got curse by this family member of ours was a bomoh. Sometimes the house will start to hallucinate eerie images. I was provoked and nearly got possesed. If i remember there were three little demons who tried to ask me to play with me. I ran nude around the house and my stomach churns and i was vomitting and going to the toilet several times.

The room my auntie sleeps in has a midnight visitor each and every night. My auntie says that the pontianak will sit on her cupboard and watches her as she sleeps. And when she wakes up, she’ll get blueblack marks on her legs. M late grandmother will hear her dead sister calling out her name. My mother doesn’t goes home early every night coz she was very fainthearted. She sometimes can even see old glowing green man walking past her changing room. Please believe my story and that i’d appreciate it if that you tell jurong citizens to go home at night, late……..

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