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Who Says They Appear Only At Night?

This happenend yrs ago when i was still a little boy staying in Dover Rd. Strange thing is my bro and me saw “it” in the afternnon! my family members were out either working or studying. My bro and I decided to play hide and seek. When my bro started the count down I turned around wanting to step out to the living room when suddenly a black figure glided past my room, followed by a white one! When i turned to look at my bro i only saw his jaw dropped!

One night when my sister came home (the rest of us were out),she had wanted to switch on the kitchen light. When she walk past my parents room leading to the kitchen, she saw a female ghost combing her hair very slowly! I got to know about this only after we shifted out to our present house as she admitted she did not want to scare us.

The next incident happened at my present area Choa Chu Kang. One night, I was with a frend at my void deck chatting when I notice a “little girl” dressed in white at a nearby playground, sitting on the swing. My watch read 2.30am (approx) then, I alerted my fren how strange it was for a little girl at a playground at this hour and without any adults accompanying her! (I swear she was alone). My fren felt uneasy then and ask me to stop looking at “her” direction, but i wanted to prove to myself she might be a spirit so i continued looking at “her”. This was when it happened. I tried turning away slowly and back, she’s still there. This time I turned back and forth quickly, she disappeared with the swing still swinging as if something is still sitting on it, what made me jumped up was, the swing started twisting!

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