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The Girl

One day, my classmates and I were doing a project on plants in school. Suddenly, I needed to go to the toilet. I asked my best friend, Sylvia, to come along (if she wanted to) as I heard many unusual supernatural stories and happenings in our school, esspecially in the toilets.

So we just ran to the toilet nearby and what a shock we had! We saw a girl combing her hair. Then she pulled her head out and faced it in the direction of the mirror and continued combing her hair. She was floating in the air with no feet.

Then when she noticed us, she waved her hand at us and we saw that her hands were sort of wrinkly with long fingernails. I don’t know what came to me but I just grabbed Sylvia who was staring blankly, and I ran as fast as my legs could carry me.

When we saw our friends, we calmed down abit and I told them bout what happened. They didn’t believe us. Whenever I think of the incident, I would always shiver and avoid going to the toilet alone.

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