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Night Shift

Before I got married , I used to stay with my parents at Blk 6++, Bedok Reservoir Rd. As I am working shifts, I sometimes have to go back late. One nite @ 11.45pm, I was walking towards the blk, when I felt as if someone was following me. I looked around and there was no one around. It was quiet and very creepy, especially at the carpark. When I entered the house, I went straight for the washroom to wash-up. Everyone was fast asleep except for my cat. On that very nite, my cat seems to be following me wherever I went.

Soon after, I entered my room and closed the door. I then went to the dressing table to brush my hair when as soon as I looked into the mirror , there was this loud piercing female scream behind me. God! I was so terrified as it was really loud, as if someone was in pain. I jumped into my bed and covered myself with my blanket from head to toe, saying all the prayers that I know and forced myself to sleep.

The next morning my mum asked me if I heard a woman scream as both my parents were awaken by it. I told them about my accounter and my mum then told me maybe the pontianak followed me into the house as I had forgotten to say my salam when I entered the house and that the pontianak was shocked to see its own face in the mirror. I thanked God nothing happened to me or my family.

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