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Hi everyone who is reading my story. This story happened at Pulau Ubin When i was in primary 6. The school organized a 2 night camp at P.U.

On the first night , just after my dinner my trainer told me this story. He said that when he was an army , they came here to train. At night , they have to walk through a jungle by themselves. He said that it was one of his friends turn and after 5 min is his turn. He started walking and it was not after 1 min when he saw his friend running towards him.

He stopped him n asked him what happened. His friend said that he saw a man dressed up in purple waving to him but his friend ignored him. As he walked nearer n nearer he looked up n saw the man’s face, he got shocked because he saw “A SKULL OF A HUMAN”. Believe it or not.

On the second night my trainer said he saw a purple figure standing next 2 the toilet which is located just 1 room away the jungle. When he came out of the toilet , he saw nothing but when walked a distance away he saw the purple figure again and he just walked away.

“Believe or not, it’s up to you”

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