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East Coast Encounter

Actually this was an encounter that happened to my sis in East Coast Park. It was during the March holidays when my sis and her friends organized a BBQ party and stayed overnight at the chalet. All her friends were playing cards in the chalet and went to sleep at around midnight.

One of my sis’s friends were hungry so he asked my sis and her other friend to accompany him to the seven-eleven shop. They went the way where there was a pond at the side and after they bought the food, they headed back to the chalet. They took the same way back and chatted. My sis felt an eerie presence behind her back and when she turned back, she saw a white, long-haired lady high up on a tree and my sis saw her floating to another tree. My sis was terrified and wanted to tell her friends but she remembered what her other friends told her last time(never tell the others what you saw until you left the scene) She kept quiet and kept on hushing her friends to get back to the chalet fast. Her friend did not know what happened until they reached the chalet when my sis told them…

How will you react when you really saw one?

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