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A night in Air Papan(Mersing)

Two weeks ago, my cousins and I went to mersing in Malaysia for a two night 3 days stay.

On the first night, my cousin-in-law called all boys for a hike in a dark passage. When we went there, my cousin-in-law spotted a batu nisan(tombstones) not far from us. He asked us not to look at it. I can’t see as he didn’t flash a single light from the torch. And the end of the passage, there was another long passege but my cousin-in-law asked us to turn left which lead to a long beach.

Then back at the chalet, my cousin-in-law told us why we did not continue the passage. He said he saw a figure in front of him. And he revealed us…are you ready, “Chindai”. It is what pontianak loves most. He said he got it during his NS days. Chindai is taken form a pontianaks long white dress. I was so spooked that i did not sleep that night. I was frightened that a pontianak might come when i was sleeping.

That was a night to forget.

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