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My Family Ghost Story

My family members, more of my mother’s side, had a lot of ghost experience, which my mum also witness the scene.

Once there is a gathering at my aunt’s house. My mum and other relatives always talk together and I heard from my mum later that my cousin saw a ghost at the window where she is studying on the table in front of it at Geylang East. I asked her and she say that it was a girl with white hair staring at her. She immediatly stopped whats she doing and was shock. She shouted for my aunt but the ghost left. Now she never do her work facing the window.

Another is the same aunt’s youngest daughter. As my aunt’s hushand had a family business and had a store. When my cousin is leaving with her father, she said that she saw a white figure dashed past the curtains. As she was young and did not know these things, my aunt hid away the fact from her and said that it was only the curtain.

As for my uncle, when he was young, he lived in malaysia and he once urined on a tree which was the “home” of a vicious female ghost. Then my uncle kept comlainting that a woman kept looking at him outside the house and he falls into a great fever. That time there was a wiseman who said to be “Sun Wu Kong” reborn. He was invited and he managed to chase the ghost away. He said that my uncle never said sorry when he urined at the tree and dared to his friends. The ghost wanted my uncle as her hushand. As the doors have the “Guan In” Statue in front, the ghost cannot enter and stayed outside.

My youngest aunt’s hushand is the Caltex (the petrol company) manager in Malaysia, he always need to travel around the whole country. From young he is weaker in his “yang”, so he could see these things. He always saw a white figure beside the expressway. The more scary part is once he drove by a bus stop beside a thick vegetation and he saw a lady waving at him to stop. He continued to drive, and when he looked back, the lady had vanished!!! The worst part is… MY MOTHER TOLD ME THIS WHEN MY FATHER DROVE PAST THE BUS STOP!!! It is a creepy place where I rather walked home then to wait for bus there.

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