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Mystery Ghost

One day, while i was going home from the Orchard at about 11 night and was taking the last bus 190 to go home, i was the only one in the bus. And i fell asleep. After about 20 minutes, i wake up. I was suprise when a young lady with a white long dress. I think of nothing at 1st. Soon we began to make friends since they were only the 2 of us in the bus sitted there.

Suddenly, the bus driver said to me, “Girl who are you talkng to?”. I was suprised and began to suspect something. So, i reply to the uncle driver, “Oooo! i was talking to a young lady sir”. So he said, “No, there was no one except you and me”.

After that, i turn to see. As i saw, she has no legs. I just think that i don’t know anything. The lady then smile and wave at me when it is time for me to go. After that, i was still thinking who she was and why she was after me till now.

A lesson 4 me was not to go home late.

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