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The Blue House

There is this particular house somewhere in hillview. It is rumoured that cultist do their activities there. My friends and i were curious and decided to xplore the house.

When we reached there, it was 7.30 pm. There is this long road leading up to the house. We crawled in through the the drain and got into the compound. From what we saw, it was a huge one. My friend and i are the type tat can sense the presence of spirits. As we walked on the road, we felt nothing. On a particular bend, my friend stopped and he stared ahead. I sensed something was awaiting for us at the end of the road. True enough there was. It was a black figure standing in the middle of the road as if daring us to go past him. I walked ahead and reached the front door. By then the feeling i had was very strong.

Then out of nowhere, a strong gust of wind appeared. I turned and looked at my other friend and we immediately knew something was wrong. We both asked our three friend to turn around and walk back. They were also told not to look back.

After reading a few prayers and asking for forgiveness for disturbing their place, my friend and i joined our frens. When we were walking away from the house, i still felt the presence and continued wif my prayers. After about a hundred metres or so that feeling eased. I felt thankful. For those who really dare, go but be warned……

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