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Field Equipment Store In Pulau Tekong story goes like this. During i serve my NS in Pulau Tekong,there is alot of freaky things happening in there. I will tell you one of my creepy stories.

I was a storeman in HQ. During that time, we have a 100% check of all store equipment. We have to clean our store n do stockcheck the stock in every store. I was unlucky to help one of the storeman to check the Field Equipment Store. It was thursday n i feel very uneasy abt that day. I heard a lot of creepy stories about this store and just push aside my weird feelings.

It was 2 a.m in the morning and both of us still counting the stock. I was quite tired n getting bored doing all the counting stuff. When i was busy doing my work, suddenly i heard a baby crying in front of the store. I was thinking to myself it cannot be the resident baby and there is no more kampung people living here in Pulau Tekong! I was damn frightened n i ask my friend “ you hear a baby crying in front of our store?” “Baby crying?” my friend ask. “Yeah baby crying” i said. We both keep silence trying to hear the sound. “Aiyaaaa..yeah cry ah!” he said in a muttering voice. Both of us was damn scared n decide to abadon our work and leave the store.

Before i open the door, i said a few holy verses i know. The sound came from under the drain just beside the ammo dump store. It was getting louder n louder n i guess the ‘thing’ realise that we are leaving the store. My friend keep telling me to hurry up lock the store n leave as soon as possible. As we are leaving the store, i take a look at the drain and saw a black figure climbing out from it. I though it was a black lizard. To my surprise, its not a lizard, it was a pontianak! I just shouted to my friend and tell him to run as fast as he could. We both run till we reach our bunk and close the door. The story does not end here and i will write again in few days time….remember..Pulau tekong is haunted…………..

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