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Old Tan Tock Seng Hospital

My grandma encounter this personally in old TTSH. I believe what she have told as I believe that the old TTSH is very haunted. Especially those Class `C` ward. This story goes like this… a few years ago she was admitted to the old TTSH. On 1 particular nigth about 8plus she wanted to go to the toilet. While she`s walking alone toward`s the toilet she saw a women walk pass her very quickly and when into the toilet and slam the door. So my grandma was thinking is she really that urgent. So, she just wait outside the cubicle for about 15min. Later a nurse went into the toilet look for my grandma and ask her why she took so long to do her business. And she told the nurse that she saw a women went into the toilet for about 15min. So the nurse help her to knock the door but nobody ans them. So the nurse push the door and the door open but inside, there`s nobody. She told the nurse to wait for her but the nurse just walk away. My grandma was terrified and she quickly do her business and went back to her ward. Believe it anot is up to you guys but i really believe what she have told me.

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