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The Korean Building

This scary story was told by my close friend long time ago. She told me that when the koreans build their houses(in blocks), they always left the 4th floor empty whereby the lift will not stop at the 4th floor. Once my friend happened to stay in korea and her neighbour(Lynn) had met the frightening incident personally.

It was a rather late and eerie night and Lynn was about to return back home after her night class. As she was scared, she phoned her mum to wait for her under the block. When she reach her flat, she saw her mum standing there waving at her. They entered the lift and when they reach the 4th floor, Lynn said,”Mum, I always felt strange and eerie whenever the lift reach here.” Her mum turn around and said,”Dear, do you think I’m your mum?” And Lynn let out a terrible cry!

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