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Frightening Experience

I still remember it was during my in-camp training at the police academy. I was on light duty and as such i was not allowed to do rigorous training together with the rest of the guys. I was thus allowed to rest in my barrack with no one at all. I was lying on my bed and in a spilt second, i was fast asleep due to the medicine which i had just taken.

All of a sudden, i was awaken by a errie sound. However, i am not able to move my body except to rove my eye around trying my best to look around for the source of sound. I tried desperately to move my body but to no avail. I then tried to shout but it seems helpless too. I was scared out of my wits as the eerie sound was getting louder and louder. I close my eye and pray hard till i finally managed to move my body and by then i was alraedy in perspiration. I relate this story to my instructor whom said that i am not the first one who confide to him of such incident. Hmmm…

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