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Tales From Dept Stores

This story is told by one of my colleague. Its up to you whether to believe it or not. She had long quitted the job. Not because of the incident but of something else. But this incident really happened according to her.

It was in 1995. Far East Plaza is the place where she worked as a promoter and she got to know a SO(security officer). An experienced female malay officer which i knew now worked in Causeway Point in Woodlands. But the story is not bout her. It’s about the Manager in charge of the Undergarment section. She was a wealthy person as told by my colleague. Luxury cars, private landed property and stuffs. But that doesn’t stop her from stealing undergarments at her own dept. She suppose to take care of. The SO notice her but she and the manager was somehow good friends. But she kept noticing that manager stealing. So she got no choice and report it to the Senior which later apprehended her red-handed. The Manager was terminated on the spot and filed as a court case.

Soon before the final hearing, the manager dressed in red commited suicide by jumping off from the top of a block. It ain’t over yet. She keep coming back from the dead and haunted the staff there. In the storeroom is where they always saw a female in red. One of the staff even got possesed and laugh hysterically in front of the taxi stand there. After all the hauntings, they decided to call in a priest and do some prayers to keep the sprit of the manager in peace. At last…it rest in peace. There are many other dept. stores with scary incidents. Beware!

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