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New Block Toilet Ghost

This is a true story which happened at Loyang Secondary School new block toilet at level 3. This happened when the new block is being constructed which was around 1999. It was said that when the new block was being built, a contractor who was building the cubicle door, a large piece of metal which is used for the roof fell through the fourth floor and third floor and fell in the toilet. It is said that the ghost of the contractor never got peace as he didn’t finish his work.

Once when a girl named Jenny was going to the toilet, she heard someone repairing the toilet. When she opened the toilet door, she saw a man repairing the toilet cubicle door covered in blood. She was so shocked that she fainted. When she recovered, she couldn’t remember that she entered the toilet. So always remember the inncident at the toilet. Pls tell ur friend from Loyang Secondary School ok. So Beware.

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