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Hey there! I would like 2 share a chilling experience which happened 12 years ago, when i was only about 5 years old. When my sister and i were kids, we used to spend our holidays at our aunt’s old place, somewhere in Bukit Purmei. Though quite a few blood-curling experiences were encountered at their place, nothing beats this one………..

It was a typical night. There were about 8 of us at their place, including my aunt. My aunt was the only adult there and the rest were ‘underaged people’, if you know what i mean. That night, my uncle was supposed to reach home at 11pm. I was sitting on a bed when i thought i heard a few knockings on the main door. I remember seeing my sister peeping outside, from the window in the room we were in. As you know, the room was structured in a way that you can see whoever that is standing outside the house. I remember vaguely what we’re all doing at that moment. But i do remember that there was a commotion going on when we gathered at the living room. There was silence when one of our relative told us what happened. I was astounded.

Apparently, someone came knocking on the main door while saying something which appears to be a muslim greeting,’Assalamualaikum’. While knocking on the door, this ‘person’ only said ‘Kum’. Thinking it might be my uncle, my relative went up to the door hole and peeped. There was no one! What was more shocking was that, at the time the door was knocked, my sister peeped but saw no one!! What makes it all scarier was that everyone was there when it happened. This proves that it was not just an imagination! We were relieved when our ‘real’ uncle came back at 11pm.

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