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Where Are You?

This story happens last year which was the year 2001. This is how the story sounds……..

Our prelims exams were around the corner, so my friends and i decided form a study groups. We studied a place near Tampines mart. After an evening of studies, we decided to take a rest at a park near East Spring Sec. We were bored and one of my friend suggested to play hide n seek. We played a few rounds and decided that the next round would be the last one. Me and my other friend had to find our another two friend.

After fifteen mins of search, we still couldn’t find them so we shouted that the game was over n we surrendered. We waited but there was no response from them. After enough shouting, we decided to find them but our effort was fruitless. We tried to call their handphone but there was no response. Then we saw a guy who looks exactly like one my friend, botak and skinny. We chased n called him but he vanish into the thin air. We smelt something fishy. We were about to give up searching on them when they suddenly appeared right from behind us. They told us that they were hiding behind the starting point since the start of the game. But the question was why didn’t they hear us shout when we were just in front of them?!

The next day we ask my friends uncle who was a psychic and he told us that my two friends was hidden in ‘their’ world for the moment. Because one of them were wearing a talismen, ‘they’ let them off……

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